Wednesday, March 3

A new swine flu virus has been found in pigs in China, with an imminent threat of a new pandemic: Warning Experts believe the virus could be difficult to contain once it has spread.

Chinese scientists have discovered a dangerous new virus capable of spreading swine flu and Influenza to humans. Which is a genetic descendant of the 2009 swine flu outbreak. A new virus could pose a new epidemic for mankind. Luna is the original strain of this virus. A train carrying the virus, which spreads a disease like Lou, has recently been spotted in Suwar. It can spread from one person to another. The virus was named G4 EA H1N1 Is. It needs to be monitored, especially in pig breeding centres to prevent the virus from spreading a deadly infection like the corona. According to the American journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS), the virus could be a new strain, so people may or may not have the ability to fight it. In China, the transition was among 10 percent of industrial workers. The origin of G4 was linked to H1N1, scientists said. According to scientists, the G4 virus is more contagious and more contagious.

The virus is a combination of three types. Experts believe that once the virus has spread, it is difficult to stop. The last heatwave was in 2009 and was named swine flu. Between 2011 and 2018, pigs from 10 provinces in China. 30,000 samples were taken in which 18 different swine flu viruses were detected. In China, one out of every 10 workers working on a pig farm was found to be infected. The Luna virus AH1N1pdm02 was prevented from being transmitted from person to person by vaccine at that time. But this time the new train has got. The new train UAEA HN1 can reach a person’s trachea and increase their number. There are three types of viruses. One is similar to the strains seen in European and Asian birds, the other is similar to the H1N1 train in which the swine flu epidemic broke out in 2002, and the third is similar to the H121 seen in North America. An epidemic spread by a bird or a human or a pig is like influenza.


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