Wednesday, March 3

Chinese products should be boycotted, but do we have an alternative?

And trade has been going hand in hand for millennia. Commercial lust was the cause of most of the wars that took place in the modern world. It is not known whether this is the eternal truth or not but the truth presented till date is needed. The Government of India is considering examining this fact in a slightly different way after the events that took place in the Galvan Valley. Thanganata for trade to hit China economically. Demands for a boycott of Chinese products have risen. Not only demand, but implementation has also started. True, this should happen. But are we really ready for this?

The Confederation of All India Traders (CAT), an association of retailers, has called for a boycott of Chinese goods. A list of 3 thousand different things has been prepared. Kate has set a target of cutting imports of Chinese goods by at least Rs 1 lakh crore. Indian Railways has agreed to pay Rs. 471 crore contract cancelled. BSNL has been ordered by the Indian Ministry of Telecom. That the services of Chinese companies in their work should be minimized as much as possible. The tenders allotted for the Four-G technique are also being reconsidered. This math does not sit in the minds of economists. They say banning Chinese products will hurt India more than China. According to World Integrated Trade Solutions, China is the largest exporter of capital goods to India. Between 2014 and 2018, 40 per cent of Chinese goods in India were capital goods. China is the second largest exporter of capital goods to India’s. Between March 2019 and February 2020, China shipped in india 12.78 billion worth of capital goods to India. Capital goods ordered from China include electrical machinery, semiconductor based machinery, machinery for thermal power plants and hospital machinery. Capital goods are things that have no direct use. Which is used to make other things. Thus if the import of these items stopped If that happens, India’s industries that make other things out of it will come to a standstill. Thus banning Chinese products until a viable alternative is available is like hitting an ax on one’s own foot. Consumer goods in India are also dominated by China. Whether it’s a mobile phone or a laptop, there are a lot of Chinese products. Consumers in India give priority to Chinese producers. There was a time when Chinese products were cheap, but the quality was very poor. Today the situation has changed. Today’s Chinese products are both cheap and of good quality. In contrast, products of Indian or other foreign brands are two or three times more expensive. thus Even if you stop Chinese producers, it becomes expensive, so hurry. Whether it is TV, mobile, living middle class and the first to hit the lowest average, whether it is our own refrigerator or AC, the budget of the middle class in India is disrupted. Falls on the throne of the Indian. Come to the throat. The sway of China in everything is the same in Capital Goddess banning Chinese goods. There are many such capital goods. Ministry of Commerce and Cadet. Not to be outdone, but the Indian government has Chinese capital in which it has to prepare for maintenance, according to Chisel, the maintenance rating agency. If it is given to the Chinese, it is handled by the Indian industrialists. If there is a bad 5% of domestic products, the same equivalent of products from China has to be found. Of course, if he comes, his spare parts are also there. There is a reasonable and equally quality option but it is expensive. Apart from that Chinese company, a poor and middle class alternative to India has to be 7raised. Trying from China does not get from a company manufactured in India. In this case, the class consumer will be more dependent on Chinese goods if the cost of the items is banned overnight if the contract with them is cancelled. If the rich are left out, what will happen to the traders? If the price goes up, then the price goes up. As a result, Indian producers become idiots. Indian foreign companies have filled their god owns with expensive items? The companies that have been available cheaply till now buy to bear the loss but the curve of the tied income is to be dammed.

The central government’s ban on two Chinese apps in India is an attempt to create the impression that India has infiltrated the Chinese border and carried out a surgical strike, but according to satellite images obtained by the agency, China The trade deficit with China has penetrated into Galvan. India has attacked China’s ‘app’ instead of responding to China on the border. However the reality is that India is to some extent dependent on China in its auto, pharmacy, medicine, chemical, infrastructure, sports and start-up’s. India imports 4 billion from China, while India’s exports to China are 15 billion. Thus, the trade deficit can be said to be 3 billion. What is the alternative if we ban Chinese imports? If we don’t take Chinese phone TV, gadgets. Indians have no choice, if Chinese investment in Indian start-ups is withdrawn, will any Indian investors come? In addition, 4 start-ups have been made possible by the Modi government’s investment in China from 2015 to 2019, with China investing in 30 of the top 18 start-ups. China’s influence on India’s industries is worth watching.

With the lifting of sanctions by India, the daily rankings have plummeted. Until two days ago, Tiktok’s ranking in the top-10 mobile apps had plummeted to around 200. The information was shared on Twitter by former Indian Foreign Secretary Syed Akbar Uddin.

Apps used in India comply with Indian rules: Policy Commission Amitabh kant, CEO of the Policy Commission, said that any app released in India should comply with the rules of the Government of India. India’s interests and maintaining national security and unity. The data collected by the app should also be transparent and it should also be clear what kind of data it collects. He told the techno-lovers of India that more applications like Health Bridge, which is made in India, used in India should be prepared.


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