Wednesday, March 3

After India, The US also banned Chinese companies.

Six days after India banned eight Chinese companies’ apps, the US Federation Communications Commission (FCC) has blacklisted Chinese companies GTE and Huawei as threats to the country’s security. The company is accused of passing on data and sensitive information to China. The closure of Chinese apps in India has cost the Chinese company, which owns the Tiktok app alone, a loss of over Rs 90 million a day. There are more than 200 million customers of other Chinese apps in India besides Tiktok.

Tensions on the border with Rat are increasing international pressure on the US Federation Communications Commission. On the one hand, Huawei has been blacklisted by China, which is a threat to the country’s security, to reduce border tensions with India. Ajit Pai, chairman of the commission, said on the other hand, troops on the Chinese border and that the incident was rocking the war equipment between the US and China. Growing trade with China is being waged like a war. At the same time, on the border with Pakistan, the US FCC is an organization that has started developing troops. Regulates the Internet in America. This India too is an independent entity to China and Pakistan and that is its job.

Preparations have begun to deal with. That, in the United States, without any discrimination and in the midst of war, everyone should have access to the Internet without fear of the first victim trade are taken. The FCC has accused GTE, a Chinese equipment maker, and Huawei, an official Chinese company, of banning mobile apps from Chinese communists, as well as Chinese communists. Government contracts awarded to Chinese companies and government contracts with the Chinese military have also begun to be cancelled. These are the circumstances of such a company. Road Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari has also announced that the work of Transport 5-G network in the US can be handed over from the construction of highways. The FCC’s decision to blacklist Chinese companies will be in addition to these two Chinese companies. At the same time, the companies in which the Chinese companies have invested will also be affected by the companies. Thus, the government contract will not be awarded. For the 5-G network in the US, the FCC has now come to the point where by 8.3 billion worth of work is to be done. The good news for India is not getting work. That is, the US has started giving Chinese companies a jab from Chinese companies. Companies are going to suffer huge losses. China’s India is working on 58 Chinese companies’ apps, six days after GTE and Huawei International banned them. Expansion of the Internet For radio transmitters, towers and so on. Companies have this information to China thus China has to install a large network of antennas under terrible pressure right now. Delivers. India is also Chinese. Even though the Chinese government has cancelled the 2G tender of these equipment companies all over the world, the communist companies are sitting on the side-lines. But supplies in China. This is what the company is accused of. Countries around the world have now taken over India and the capitalist system because of their own resources which the company has taken away from Chinese companies following the US. Chinese working around the world have made up their minds to stay in that country’s data and sensitive information. Of the Chinese government to the owners of the companies

Don’t like the regionalist mindset. The Chicago-based Marco Polo in the United States has been embroiled in a border dispute with China over the release of a report by neighbouring countries. It was said that in India, 10 apps are downloaded in India. In the stomach of this Chinese trader lobby, 3 apps are from China and spill. However, the strict communist government belongs to the other four Americans. Nothing of this lobby works against the past. But even the government that has the most downloads from Google Play has to think seven times in April when it comes to Apple’s App Store and when it comes to financial losses. 4 out of 6 apps were Chinese apps. Thus, due to the ban on all Chinese apps currently closed in India, the business of the companies owning the only Tiktok app has come to a standstill. The government has lost only Rs 5 crore a day to crores of Chinese companies. Proof of this is that the tweak is done. Tiktok was recently banned in one such country for a few days last year. The incident has taken shape in the wake of which the Chinese company went to the Supreme Court for relief and cut its nose all over the world. There were 5 in the world. The company told the court that a number of countries had sent notices against China to the UN for human rights violations worth Rs 2.50 crore a day. The role of China on the issue of Corona virus on Tiktok should be lifted as soon as possible. The world is upset with what has happened. This is not only the case in India but also in the socialist policy of China. Many countries are worried about the overnight ban on this business. Therefore, UNO’s human rights against China can be understood by understanding what happens to the company if it goes to 6 countries. Titok’s country has now decided to go to 10 Punch. These countries have over a million customers. From the user base to Australia, France, Germany, Japan, UK, the market for Tiktok is more than in China, but the countries of European countries including New Zealand are more involved in India. Consumers are in India, then China’s number is going to go to war, China can somehow afford it, then the third number is not the United


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