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Use of social media increases physical and mental complaints New in the digital age: Myopia test neck

The use of social media is increasing day by day. Individuals have resorted to mobiles to alleviate loneliness and in addition to online education, the number of patients with psychiatric ‘myopia’ is increasing due to continued use even after education. Many mental and physical complaints are on the rise due to excessive use of social media. Increased irritability, insomnia, loss of appetite, frustration, unexplained anxiety and fear and headaches, neck and back pain as well as limb and eye pain. Today, due to excessive use of social media, 60% of adolescents suffer from mood swings, depression and suicidal thoughts and about 40% of young people suffer from insomnia. In this regard, Dr. Ritaben Lodaria, Professor, Gopinathji Women’s College, says that today the youth of the world are suffering from depression, insomnia and lethargy and excessive use of smart phones, laptops and tablets causes change in behaviour of the young mind.

This problem called myopia arises when the problem of youth due to the use of tablets is being treated by the doctor. Psychologists see changes in temperament and behavior as a problem in children and adolescents when a child or adolescent is being found online. Identify more of social media. Someone has found social. A report by the World Health Organization (WHO) on the use of disabling media due to overuse of fatigue after a full-time education has led to a problem called myopia: playing games on mobiles or laptops is also a result of poor results in lonely children and adolescents. Seeing is like watching a movie, listening to a song. At the same time, it is felt in today’s youth and a person does this activity in his own world i.e. in the whole world, i.e. in the case of a child or a teenager with a problem called irritability, dullness, self-injury, myopia. There is an increase in the proportion of anger to myopia, and this figure will increase by 2020.

The period to look at it is 6 to 8. The craze of imitation, the concentration of the mind. Due to the 5% i.e. the whole world goes to 8 hours and the negative lack, adjustment questions, short sight at the right time produces the effect of seeing this problem in millions of children. To control the myopia of social media, to keep 90% of the children in the mobile or because of the use of children to play games in the mobile laptop video or movie, young people suffer from insomnia while watching or listening to songs. Decrease the hours, reduce the hours of online general vision Lack of power to make the right decisions while teaching is going on. Problems of maintaining social relationships throughout the world if this situation is not controlled then it will be arises upto 52% in the year 2050 that means this problem increse upto 4949 millions children. In the year 2020, millions of children and adolescents should rest on their laurels. (Closed eyes, cheetah, stress, depression, insomnia and suffering. Symptoms of this problem include watery eyes). Sometimes the cause of anxiety and fear is sometimes dry eyes, especially on the screen of a mobile or laptop when there is no like or comment on social media and some kind of feeling like watery eyes, swollen eyes, suicidal eyes when a child sees. Mental illnesses remain online among today’s youth. If so, keep it clean. Mobile or laptop screen is being seen. Due to the global epidemic of corona and every thing or person over and over whenever a child sees it possible today smartphones, tablets or laptops online education blurred all over the world. Many are so mobile or laptop away from the front of the neck or waist that you insist on sitting 3-4 when a child or adolescent insists on watching children or holding a mobile or outdoor game for more than an hour at school-college and private tuition. This should fall when the online teaching work in the classrooms in adolescents, children or others who are motivated to play use the laptop.


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