Wednesday, March 3

How did the universe come into being?

There is still a lot of speculation about how the universe came into being. If Islam and Christianity offer a chance and present the idea of ​​doomsday, scientists do not accept it and talk about ancient cultures. Thousands of years ago there were civilizations in Mesopotamia and Egypt and Greece and it is asserted that man was the first ape. Experts like Stephen Hawkins, who put forward the Big Bang theory, say that the universe or the earth is not a divine creation, nor is there a divine system. There was no conscious plan behind the fact that the basic properties of matter are the result of the management of inertial factors. It is a pity that Einstein says that the universe is the most valuable achievement we have ever had, but it is still in its infancy. It is a pity that our people do not understand what a Mahatma like Einstein valued so much.

Stephen Hawkins is the reason why today’s scientists oppose me, saying that the existence of the universe was an accident. Scientists say that this is God’s skillful and intelligent design. Theologians and the common man say that the world is created by God. Does God create a world where the life of one animal is the food of two tanks of another animal? Enjoying such a paradigm shift. The system never belongs to God, it never belongs to Satan. God is omnipotent and on the other hand, as said above, how can an animal be devoured by another animal? If nothing is going on here in the world without someone running it, then if such a belief is true, then how can the idea of ​​God fit in it? Man has been thinking for thousands of years about whether there is a God or not. One of our sages Charvak has said, ‘Rinam krutva pibat dhritam’. Which means it’s about to be the most delusional time of the year, as well. This sentence belongs to one of our sages and is thousands of years old. We have a years old Saharishimuni tradition there and even though Chavak was born in a very religious country, he was not harassed or oppressed.

If not, then the question is that God is so much in our country right now. Why all come to worship and why atheists are accepted. No. It is said that Buddhism and Jainism do not have the concept of God. He has a philosophy but a little different. Lord Buddha emphasizes the middle way and says that if a sage is saying or a scripture is saying, do what your conscience says instead of believing it. Some believers may not like this sentence but the reality is to believe what our conscience tells us.

A philosophy? Destinyism says that what is written in your destiny will happen. If I am going to fall, I will fall, the result of my deeds is to be found. Science, on the other hand, says that there is no such thing as pre-creation. Probability is the only probability that can be made less harmful by intervening if it is harmful. If there is a possibility of a child falling on the agaci, it can be prevented by grilling high. Many destiny seekers often start to have misfortunes ahead of them. They do not intervene to stop the growth and suffer from unfortunate accidents. If an epidemic is to be prevented, it can be prevented by taking certain steps but our people do not take timely action and suffer by hand. The allopathic method prevents the disease from progressing. Accidents are bound to happen in life, but instead of leaving them to fate and grieving, they must be prevented by masculinity and the scientific method.

The concept of God has penetrated into us because of life. Uncertainty is the man who barely studied,Even if it comes and it is uncertain whether he will get a job or not, what will he do without believing in destiny? In a poor country in Africa and Asia nothing is certain as a result people believe in God more. 9% of people in England are atheists, that is, they do not believe in God. The second. Many people believe that. Many great men of the world were and are. Jawaharlal Nehru was like that, saying that when I travel to rural areas in UP and see the plight of the people, I can’t believe it. God created the world. Yes, another. It is possible that someone made it. Buntend Russell says the same thing. If there is less uncertainty in the society then there is no need to remember God. The epidemic of corona. If it is to be prevented, measures should be taken. A mask should be worn over the face, a distance of three to four feet should be kept between two persons and hands should be washed frequently. There is no point in blaming anyone if these measures are not taken and a man dies from corona. What does God do in this? In fact, God does not intervene in this.

In those days, smallpox was considered a deadly diseaseMan dies. The last patient to suffer from smallpox in our country was the well-known actress Gitabali. No one has contracted the disease since the vaccine was discovered. Now, as soon as a child incarnates, he is given various vaccines. It also includes smallpox vaccine. So many scientific discoveries have been made that is why man is so comfortable. Has happened. Newton discovered gravity and Stevens invented the train. There are various features inside, even the use of stem cells can diagnose incurable diseases. Man has gone to the moon, now he will also go to Mars. At present the average life expectancy of our citizens is 6 years. At the time of independence it was only 70. Yet as we get clean drinking water and people get good food, life expectancy increases. The average life expectancy in Africa is 40 to 45.

Rationalism is not an argument it is materialism. Not even opposing religion, not synonymous with intellect and logic is a point of view. The ideological movement is a system of thinking in a neutral and objective way in the context of real evidence about any problem. It prefers intelligence and discretion. There are no moral standards or dislikes in an idea that does not have such a conscience is called irrational. Thus in the true sense this ideology is against superstition, superstition, bigotry or spiritualist ideology. This ideology emphasizes experience, truth and fact. It is the highway to science and the scientific approach. That is the constructive way of truth-seeking. The ghost does not believe that, the divine joy that yogis get does not happen here. Miracles and supernatural experiences are not here. Soul salvation or rebirth is not here. Whether a true rationalist is sectarian or not is open. Be compassionate and humanitarian.

Right now there is an ideological crisis in our country. People become backward instead of modern. Admission to school is also given on the basis of caste. In Maharashtra, the hard work of Jyotiba Pulle and other reformists has gone to waste. It doesn’t matter if people believe in God but it is wrong to believe in superstition, it is bad for farmers to stare at the sky and wait for bad sentences instead of adopting modern techniques in monsoon. Now, however the currency of organic farming is on the rise. But we still have a very low growth rate of agriculture there, we need a solid philosophy to avoid superstition and superstition about who created the universe. Not long ago, a huge explosion took place in Paris by world-renowned scientists. The explosion was for research. The mystery of the origin of the universe will be known only if such explosions continue.


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