Wednesday, March 3

Mobile Mania-Craze for Cell phones

Graham Bell gave us the telephone in 1850 and opened new vistas of communication to the world. Slowly the world has become a global village, where people can converse with anyone in a matter of seconds.

The mobile/cell phone a modified phone without landline and one which adopts a wireless technology. It has made life comfortable for people who are on the move, as they can also communicate with the help or an instrument which can easily carry around.

The cell phones serves as a directory, camera, computer, calculator , music player, for games and visual programmes. It can use the internet facility, do e-mailing, accounting . It is easy to carry, operate and one can use it for any language .In India the mobile phone has brought in a revolution as it is today affordable to the common man. From rich businessmen to poor farmers and labourers, from sales men to housemaids.

Though it is a useful tool, it has brought in many woes. People using mobiles while driving vehicles and break traffic rules and promote accidents. People click photographs of people through mobile cameras and encroach on the privacy of others. They also send pornographic clips as mail and corrupt young minds with lecherous photographs, clips and jokes. Mobiles are used to record or tap private conversation. These are useful in sting operations but they can harass the common man.

The cell phone has become a curse as an invention of science because it is used as a bomb. The mobile mania has grown in the past several years with children forcing parents to get them their own cell phones. In a way they are useful as parents are aware of tracking the where about of their wards. But they are misused on campus and discipline is not maintained, so the school and college authorities are contemplating on banning them in the campus.

Health wise experts say that the radiation of the mobile phones could harm the delicate and vital organs of the body. However, the Mobile mania is going to continue but we need moral policing from elders and peer groups along with some stringent laws to contain its misuse.

In today’s life due to corona epidemic, people are compelled to stay at home due to this the usage of mobile phones has increased. People especially teenagers are more addicted towards social media ,play games whole day etc. Even small child’s are also very much addicted towards it. And due to this lots of children suffer from diseases like myopia , presbyopia and many other eyes and mental diseases.

Nowadays schools ,tuitions and colleges are compelled to start online education. Due to this student’s uses mobile phones for a long time . In this time, online education is good but it has disadvantages also like after using mobile for a long time our eyes damaged , teacher can not know whether the students are paying attention or not. It is said that every thing or coin has two sides eg: advantages and disadvantages. In that way mobile phones has also two sides.


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