Wednesday, March 3

Anyone who can save his people will become a world power

There is currently a new invisible war going on against mankind: each country has to decide its own side

World superpower year 2020| Then who will be the decision to develop the biological weapons of a nation or a group of different nations and their own as well as the biological weapons of the enemy. To be able to save his people | Will be based on capacity. – Cultural between rival parties in most wars so far, | Technology superior to financial and social To some extent | Played an important role | Supposed to be.

Most of the victories in nine out of ten wars since antiquity. Superior understanding of technology and science | Has become the party of the possessor. In this context, science and technology played an important role in the Second World War, which began and was fought between the European powers.

Significantly, however, the Second World War was unique in that it made full use of science vehicles, tanks, and technology bridges, submarines, logistics, weapons, ships, bombs, fighter jets, etc., only during this war. Germany and the U.K. Etc. nations turned all their industrial capabilities into arms production. Almost every productive manpower was employed behind the war activities.

However, the countries participating in the war and its components include science and the spread of technology was largely uniform. In which a large proportion of European nations were already united to their society. The technology became widely available. Despite fighting World War II, many nations around the world have been dependent on the UK for centuries with the same force. And its allies had enormous military strength.

U.K. And despite the strength of the Allies on paper, the war seemed to have stalled for many years. Although millions were killed in the war, it was not clear who won.

At the time of the war and during the East, the idea was circulating that the nucleus of

atom had immense power. Modern atom the idea and basic work of science was the gift of Europe. There was a widespread belief in the scientific community that if one could unleash the power of the embryo, it could produce a permanent linked reaction that would never have been experienced by mankind before. This was a race. The race was of scientific ideas and tools. Many of these have not been proven true and have become the product of manipulation by manic scientists.

Germany began building atomic bombs based on available knowledge. Started working on projects. Germany, Russia, the U.K., and others have moved to other countries on their own, to the United States, to Brazil, to Argentina, and to far-flung “other places.” America was an emerging power and had no direct major role in the outbreak of World War II. At some point, the United States will be involved in the war on its side. It took a lot of hard work. Jojano was far from war and was naturally safe from attack by other nations because of its geographical distance.

In the meantime, the war-torn United States welcomed many Jewish scientists from Europe to its homeland, providing them with accommodation, university tuition and a comfortable life, but also prestige and laboratories where they could conduct experiments. The addition of these well-known and unknown new scientists started a new rumble in the American science community.


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