Wednesday, March 3

corona epidemic rocked the hill of biomedical waste

Just 3 days ago, two hospitals were fined Rs 1 lakh for not disposing of medical waste. If we look at the real situation at this point, the bio-medical waste of hospitals treating corona in the country has increased more than five times due to the transmission of corona virus.

The use of masks, glosses, needles and other protective equipment used in the treatment of corona has led to a growing epidemic as well as environmental concerns. According to sources familiar with the situation, when will the epidemic end? Also, there is no comment on when the huge amount of biomedical waste will be eliminated.

So the system’s concern over this issue has increased. In addition to routine services in hospitals for disposal of medical waste, private agencies have also been hired. In addition, with the help of large-scale industrial waste disposal organizations, an exercise has been carried out to address this problem.

According to available information, a mobile app has been developed by the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) for other information including disposal of bio-medical waste from hospitals across the country.

The app includes bio-medical for various epidemiological treatment centr’s including hospitals, isolation centre’s. The guidelines for waste disposal have been issued due to lack of awareness. Currently, this mobile app is being used in 4 states of the country which may increase the risk against health. Is. According to the data available on this app, as a result of the treatment of the epidemic of corona epidemic, about 1.5 tons of waste is collected in the health of 1.5 million people every day.

Bio-medical waste is disposed of every day in 3/4 small and big cities from the units associated with it, but in rural areas out of which about 3 tons of waste is disposed of due to lack of facilities. Due to this figure, looking at the biomedical in such areas, it can be said that a bed is disposed of in hospitals and centre’s where corona is treated by digging a pit and throwing it into it. Thus, one to two kg of biomedical waste per day is discharged by government agencies and private agencies.

All the exercises required for the disposal of vet are carried out according to informed circles. However, this is not the case with hospitals and health centersThe type of waste is disposed of according to the policy-rules. But the rules for disposal of bio-medical waste at temporarily erected health centre’s as well as isolation centre’s operating in rural areas are not followed as well as the waste is dumped here and there. Complaints about this are received by the government agencies all over the country.

On the other hand, the high cost of private waste disposal by private agencies has led to a two to three-fold increase in disposal costs, which has increased the financial burden on small hospitals. This is the reason why hospitals charge a high fee from the patient for the treatment of corona, said sources familiar with the situation. According to health experts, the huge increase in biomedical waste, like the Corona epidemic, is also a matter of serious concern.

The increase in medical waste poses a threat to health as well as the environment. So it is necessary with control over medical waste. Instead of disposing of PPE kits used in hospitals as well as various centre’s in this exercise, it could lead to a massive reduction in waste if re-used by releasing the infection. In addition, a campaign should be launched for the disposal of this waste. So that awareness is created among the people at all levels and they become active in disposing of biomedical waste as per the policy rules.

Thus, only if such an exercise is conducted will the threat to health and the environment be averted. One bed of corona leaves one to two kilos of medical waste per day


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