Wednesday, March 3

Watch a game that is useful for everyone, big or small, for a lifetime

Nowadays, when the school is open for the children when they have a mobile in their hand, then they rarely get a chance to see anything else in the mobile. Parents may be relieved that their son or daughter is playing games, but some games are necessary for them. Especially a game that teaches them to think differently.

Excess is wrong in any case, but sometimes one should also think about what kind of games a son or daughter plays in a smartphone. There are also some games that, knowingly or unknowingly, make it seem like a lifetime of work, even in a game.

A game made by a Japanese company called Trans limit falls into this category. Named ‘Brain Dot’, the game can run on Android and iOS. In a short span of time, this game has made a home in the minds of more than one crore people.

At first glance the game is quite simple. Two different coloured balls appear on the screen. We draw different paths on the screen with the movement of a finger – such as a slope on which the ball can slide.

Our goal is to have both balls hit each other. That job address means you get another level. What paths can we take in the beginning Explained, then we run the brain ourselves. The language of the game can also be Hindi.

This is how to play this game. Now let’s talk about the benefits of this game. When you start playing this game, you will understand that if you want to cross the maximum level, you have to run your mind in different directions, that is, you have to do ‘flexible thinking’. In fact, it is only by playing this game that one develops this ability spontaneously, which can take a long time to work.

If you want to play a similar game on PC, check out this game: The level has to be crossed.

That’s the decent thing to do, and it should end there.

What is ‘Flexible thinking’?

Imagine that you are going somewhere. The way you have to go, the way you know that there is a lot going on (this is going to happen a lot these days), naturally, the way you decided before is useless now, so you have to find another way and move on.

This is flexible thinking as needed, change gears immediately and find new ways to solve the problem. It’s simple, but many children have problems with this. As a result, their education is in shambles and further, this problem causes many other problems. Psychologists say that in order to develop this kind of ability in children, two things need to be considered, which are called ‘flexible thinking’ and ‘set shifting’. Not only sound education but his alertness and dedication too are most required.

A simple experiment can be done to understand if a child has some of these two skills. Teach him one way to tie a shoelace and then another. The child who has developed both the above skills will quickly adopt a new way, the other will get in trouble. If these abilities are cultivated from an early age, learning from reading can lead to a deeper understanding of different subjects.

So now if your son or daughter is not holding the smartphone in his hand, slowly turn him towards a game like Brain Dot. There is no need to explain anything else, it will be dealt with in the game and the rest will be done by the game itself.


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